Heat Pump Prices

When it comes to home expenses one of the most common, but unfortunately also among the most expensive is your HVAC system.  To make it even more troublesome, local HVAC companies try their hardest to keep the true price of HVAC systems a secret and therefore quickly perusing the internet for a price comparison proves to be very difficult.  This website was designed to make that process much easier.  We focus 100% on heat pumps and attempt to be a one stop shop for heat pump prices online.  If you are looking to replace your heat pump or install a brand new system from scratch you are advised to find at least 3 prices to get an idea of the total cost.

What Impacts Heat Pump Prices?

So what are the true factors that influence heat pump prices?  For sure the prices will change from HVAC company to HVAC company, but there are some general things you can look for when it comes time to ferret out that heat pump cost.  Generally speaking these are the most common reasons that heat pump prices differ:

1.       The quality of the heat pump parts – as the quality increases the price goes up.  Thankfully generally so does the longevity of your heat pump

2.       Brand name of the heat pump itself – highly thought of names like Trane and Carrier will command a higher price than budget names like Payne and Goodman.  The thing to keep in mind is that the lines are blurring considerably between HVAC brands these days.

3.       How readily the public will pay a premium for a given heat pump

heat-pump-prices-online-homepage-pictureNow on top of that one of the easiest things for consumers to see is that the size of the heat pump system has a large impact on the price.  Translations: the larger the heat pump the more it will cost!  The more space you have to heat and cool the larger the heat pump you will need to install in your house.  And generally this makes sense, the larger the heat pump the more raw materials you will need to build this unit.  And with the prices of raw materials, especially key components like copper for a heat pump which has soared of late, this trend is not going to be going away anytime soon.

For those that live in temperate climates the heat pump is a God send.   Able to strip the heat out of even cold air (at least air that is above 10-20 degrees F) and use it to warm your house as opposed to requiring a gas or oil combustion to start this process, the heat pump is a staple of many parts of the southern united states.

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If you have questions on how a heat pump works in general here is a decent youtube video that explains things.  Please excuse the cheesy dancing and whatnot at the beginning of the video! (not to mention the over the top advertising at the end).